Friday, May 06, 2011

Actor 'Lee Sun Gyun' mentions Rain @ MBC Golden Fishery

-Aired on 5 May, 2011-
-Brief summary-

On MBC TV show program 'Golden fishery' aired on last 4th, actor 'Lee Sun Gyun' gave regular panel members a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what happened in the marriage between actor 'Jang Dong Gun' and actress 'Goh So Young' last time.

'Lee' felt so small when he was in the presence of other famous guests at their wedding ceremony, and it was Rain who caught his attention. He was inwardly excited to see Rain even while a group of guests was being photographed. Lee's entourage of actors whose entrees were served so late that they decided to go to eat pork hocks near the wedding hall.

On the program, Lee said that driving to a restaurant, he had shouted at his colleagues, "Oh, Bi Bi Bi! (Rain).. Did you happen to see Bi greeting me?". At that time, every panelist burst out laughing, including himself.

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