Friday, May 06, 2011

Rain's post on Twitter

29rain Ji hoon jung
@hyewon0414 많이 작아 ㅠ
Too small ㅠ
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hyewon0414 Jang hye won
@29rain 오빠손엔 ,, 아이폰 키패드가 좀 작죠?? ㅋㅋㅋ
The keypad on the iphone Oppa (you, Rain) has is too small, isn't it? kekeke
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29rain Ji hoon jung
오타작렬 손떨림 고쳐야겠다 ㅠ
There are just too many typos..I need a steady hand ㅠ..
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29rain Ji hoon jung
여러분 엠블랙 일본앨범이 ~~ 오리콘차트에서 1위를했어여^^ 다 팬 여러분들 덕분입니다 !!! 너희들도 고생했다 독수리오형제...
Everyone, MBLAQ's Japanese version album has placed first in the Oricon charts^^
Their success can be attributed to the support of all of our fans !!!
The Eagle 5 brothers, I appreciate what you've done so far..
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