Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Special Notice

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Due to personal & job commitments that requires my fullest attention, I have decided to stop updating this blog of mine on Rain with effect on 1st June 2011. I will still continue to support (like) Rain & would also like to 'THANK' everyone who likes this humble blog of mine on Rain. Although there won't be any updates but this blog will not be removed. Access to past entries will still be available.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rain's contract with JYP Ent. expires this October, and he'll enter the army later this year

According to associates of singer Rain, "Rain's contract with his agent JYP Entertainment 'Park Jin Young' (JYP) operates, expires this October before he joins the military. This is to be observed as a result of the first agreement. Rain hasn't yet decided whether to renew or change the agent. He is to enter the army by December at the latest."

Meanwhile, Rain's currently been filming his next movie, and his side says it has not yet decided when he will release his new album or to do artistic work.

Source: Money Today
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Lotte DFS June Wallpaper

Source & Credit: Lotte DFS

Lotte DFS News event

Source: Lotte DFS

MCM Mention Rain

[MCM 홍콩 플래그쉽 스토어 그랜드 오프닝] 월드 스타 비(Rain), 홍콩의 톱스타 새미청 (Sammie Cheung∙鄭秀文), 등 많은 셀레브리티들이 참석한 가운데 성공적인 오프닝 행사가 개최되었습니다.

With a lot of celebrities such as world star Rain, Hong Kong's top star 'Sammi Cheng∙鄭秀文', etc in attendance, the celebration of MCM's grand opening was successfully held at Hong Kong's Flagship Store branch.

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Rain & Kitty Yang photo backstage concert in Guangzhou

She is former Phoenix TV show host .. She met Rain in his the best concert twice
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Hot Dude Of The Day: Rain Travels Around The World With Dapper MCM Accessories

So Rain is basically a pop singer GOD in Korea (and in our office, too). He's kiiiinndd of like our Justin Timberlake. He sings, he dances, he acts, he even cares about FASHUN just like JT (his clothing line is called Six to Five. Obvi you can't read anything on the site unless you know Korean, but STILL.) So we're WELL AWARE of his hotness and his, um, ability to seduce us.

Luckily, Rain's fans (who call themselves Clouds! AWWWW.) posted his latest campaign with German accessories house MCM, which OOZES of luxury travel. We can just imagine him rocking all of the next looks in different cities around the globe.

In his first ensemble, he's totally Manhattan-ready with huge TRUNKS full of outfits for his weeklong stay in a Soho hotel. (What? The guy needs OPTIONS.) His studded leather vest makes him downtown cool, but it's not too heavy for his summery long-sleeved white tee and cuffed khakis outfit. He finished his look with some comfy burgundy sneakers, which is perfect because, um, hello, you walk EVERYWHERE in NYC, and he's being totally practical AND cute. The only bling is his amazing platinum watch and the sheen from his perfectly combed hair. With a vest that intricate, it's best to keep it simple!

Next, Rain is off to Brazil in his smooth buttery-beige leather jacket, white tee, khakis, and printed high-top sneakers. This outfit screams South American adventure. He could go from off-roading in Jeep through the uncharted mountainous terrain and then directly to the poshest nightclub in the city and never bat an EYE at the possibility of switching up his outfit. We're in to the all-around accessibility of this ensemble. Oh, and Rain's all-around hotness.

Rounding up his tour around the globe, he lands in Italy. Of course this means he has to bust out ALL the high-end shiz he's been holding back in these other cities. He's got literally every type of luggage in existence (even including a leather DOG, apparently) and arrives ONLY in a black three-piece suit with a mauve tie and matching pocket square. In fact, he's so EXHAUSTED from carrying all of his designer clothes into the hotel lobby, he takes a breather among all of his luggage (because he refused to sit on their nappy non-designer couch, obvi) before he heads up to his penthouse. Even though he's sweating, no one can tell and his hair still looks flawless.

Source: MTV

Rain's Twitter New Profile Picture