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[Fan Account] His live singing was so good, it shocked her. :)


Rain LIVE at the 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix post-show, 4/10/2011

This is a fan account. My very first fan account, so I would like to apologies to every one if I'm over-excited and too crazy in this fan account... But this is my real feelings and thought after watching Rain Live in 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix Concert, 10th of April 2011.

This is not a full concert, as he is invited for an after race (F1 race) concert but he really performed 110 point out of 100 points! Why 10 points extra? Let continue reading~ Hahaha~

After long waiting and stuck in traffic jam for almost 2 hours, finally I reach the concert venue. There were a lot of fans queuing, and crews were giving out paper fans and selling merchandise outside the entrance.

When I reach the venue, only I realize that's an outdoor concert. I was praying there will not raining tonight... These few days it almost raining whole day there. Choosing a right place and mostly one of the most good view angle available there. ^^ Lucky me but it's not really lucky... How I wish I'm one step further...

Before the concert start, organizer were picking up 4 fans and giving out rain's poster and other merchandise to them. Then, other crew were giving lots and lots poster... Two were drop one step in front and one is right beside me.

Haiz... Blamed on my short figure... > <

That's still ok, I accept the truth.

The concert start at 9.15pm with a list of hits songs of Rain,

Rainism, It's raining, Harudo, How to avoid Sun.

He really sweat a lot. May be is because of his hot dance and the super hot weather in Malaysia. It doesn't rain tonight, no wind.

He wipe off his sweat with a baby blue tower, and guess what? He throw the towel to the fans...

Again, the towel, drop beside my photographer. (2 step away from my position) He couldn't catch it, because he was shock by the time the towel was flying towards his direction and he is holding his camera... Getting shock when fans were screaming...

Finally a super fan girl, get the towel.

At the time I have the thought that I had chosen the worst place in that zone...

He continue the show with songs "Fresh Women" and "With you". It come to the most attractive part, 'Hip Song' ! He sing it without music background.

This is hip song rock tonight 엉덩일 흔들어봐 내 가 뭘 하든 걱정할 필요없어 지 금 날 믿고 날 따라 흔들어봐

and the fan chant coming in:

(hip song hip song hip song hip song) ~~~

He seems very satisfied with that and then....

He rehearse it again,

This is hip song rock tonight 엉덩일 흔들어봐 내 가 뭘 하든 걱정할 필요없어 지 금 날 믿고 날 따라 흔들어봐

This time the fan chants getting louder~

(hip song hip song hip song hip song) ~~~

The dancer and music coming in~ With his powerful, and sexy dance, every one have their good time~ A lots of foreigner, old aunties and uncles coming too~

This is the point where I would like to give him 10 points extra because he is so cute at the beginning, I think he forget the lyrics ~ But who care? He still sexy in this songs and adding a lot of cuteness in this songs~

He performed 'Love songs" "Sexy dance" and "Instead of saying good bye"’ ~ Sizzling hot as always~ My favorite songs~

That's the last songs and the shows end.

Cute face, Perfect body (he gain weight a bit... ^^), definitely the best dancing skill among the artists and I'm getting shock when I heard his live singing. I never thought he is that good in singing and getting touch by his 'love song'. Good in acting, performing... every thing is good~ Languages ! Great singer, dancer, model, actor, businessman, and designer!

It's a long time since his last visit to Malaysia. Lots of fans including me will not satisfy with that... The concert is perfect, but we still not getting enough!!! Rain, please come here more often and I wish that he can have his Concert- Rain The Best World Tour Concert 2011 in Malaysia too~

Thanks for reading this long fan account and I would like to apologize if I had mistaken any thing in this fan account... (Probably the orders of songs...)

Anyway, I really suggest that every one should watch his performance at least once in the life time if have chance. He is The King of Kpop, He is a legend. The way he working inspired me a lot.

"Endless effort, endless endurance, endless modesty"

Source: CloudUSA
Image: redskye9

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