Friday, April 15, 2011

[Fan Account] 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix Concert

I have never watched a F1 race (and I still haven't), but I felt like I had won the grand prix myself with this Malaysia F1 concert. Must thank my very special friend who mobilized her troop of army and who was in the driving seat. She did all the hard work, I enjoyed the sweet fruits.

We arrived at the airport before 5 am on 10 April in order to welcome our prince into Malaysia. There were about 30 to 50 of us, many wearing the special tee prepared by Rain Malaysia. A fleet of cars was already there, and the organizer representative took our gifts and promised that he would deliver them to the manager. I was so used to waiting for our prince now, and we were very good in looking for hints: we saw the doors of the cars being opened, we all felt excited only to see the doors being closed again. We saw passengers of the same flight coming out but no sight of our prince, and when someone told us "he's gone already, from another exit" it did create a stir amongst us. We guessed afterwards that indeed someone might have persuaded our prince to use an alternate route, but when our prince knew many fans were waiting outside he must have decided to walk back. Hence he was almost the last to come out. The midnight flight left no trace of tiredness on him, and he was in good mood. He waved to fans waiting inside the terminal, and when he came out of the building and saw the majority of us, he waved to us a couple of times before he got into the car. There was traffic ahead so the car needed time to pull out. We took the opportunity to stand beside the car and waved to him. Our prince rolled down the window and waved back to us before the car drove away. That sent all of us screaming like winning a lottery.

Fans started to line up at the entrance at about 5 pm. We learned from the security staff that our prince had his rehearsal earlier, had lunch and was now watching the F1 race. They also told us our prince would perform at about 9 pm.

The after race party started late at about 8 pm. By around 9 pm we were all getting impatient. A few men behind us shouted out loudly "we want Rain" - and we added our voices on top. Finally the real show began.

My feeling was that even though it was an hour show, our prince was trying to give the audience the taste of a full concert. We had the laser show as a start, and our prince performed 13 songs, including the encore songs. The pace was therefore fast, and I admired his energy as he performed almost non stop, with minimal change of costumes. He talked a bit to us in the interval, and he spoke good English. I noticed that people on the floor, men in particular, were all impressed by and amazed at his excellent vocal, powerful dance and his super energy. A father carried his young daughter on his shoulder the whole evening so that she could enjoy a good view of our prince (and I forgave him in blocking my view some of the time). Many young couples watched the show together, and the men seemed to enjoy our prince performance as much as their partners and cheered loudly. This gave me such proud feeling for our prince. He truly conquered the whole audience regardless of their age and sex. I therefore enjoyed the show from a different perspective this time. It greatly amused me watching how our prince's tricks worked on men and women, old and young, fans or otherwise – whether he took off his sunglasses and threw us a cute look and smile, or wiping his sweating face and body with a towel and throwing it to the audience, or moving his abs and showing his sexy dance. We all have the same response: loud shouts and cheers.

I believed our prince enjoyed his show as much as we did. After the encore he seemed reluctant to leave the stage, and he treated us with his bunny hip moves before he finally disappeared.

I had to leave as soon as the concert was over, and something wonderful happened to me.

It happened our prince was also leaving that night and although we were on different flights, we were heading for the same destination and we met at the airport. There weren't any other fan around. I saw our prince going through the security check. He didn't have any sunglasses or headphone on, and he wasn't accompanied by his usual team of manager and security guard. He probably did not expect to see a fan either. So I was a bit worried to approach him, as I really did not want him to feel disturbed or whatever. I called my friend and told her that, but she encouraged me on, because I really had something I wanted to tell our prince.

So when he came out from the security area and we were just about a meter or so away from each other, I bowed and said to him "Rain, thank you for a wonderful concert tonight". He smiled to me, his eyes all in one line, and gave me a thumbs up. I was totally hypnotized. I believed I said "see you soon" and we turned to go our separate ways. I then realized may be I should see him off as he had to take a train to his gate. So I turned back and followed at a distance. I watched him enter the train and said goodbye to him in my heart. While in the plane I was like in a trance, his smile, his thumbs up kept appearing before me. If the flight attendant paid any attention to me at all, she must be wondering why this passenger seemed to be smiling to herself all the time...

And as a perfect end for another great beginning, I was able to welcome our prince too. We arrived at different terminals, but I was in time to wait for him outside the arrival hall. This time when he came out, he had his sunglasses on and he was cool and expressionless. He must be tired but he did nod to us as we called his name. We followed his big steps. His broad shoulders and his bag occupied my sight. They walked past the escalator, realized that and turned back, and I got a glimpse of our prince's face. He threw a side glance at his staff, as if to question him how they missed that, and then his broad shoulders was in front of me again as we turned and followed them up the escalator. We then saw him get into a car and waved goodbye. To some fans, this was the beginning of another trail. To me, I was like still in a dream...

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