Thursday, April 07, 2011

[Benamoo fan site Notice] [A special event to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Rain's debut]

Benamoo is now accepting your [fan letters] as gifts for Rain to celebrate the 9 th anniversary of his debut.

The period of your participation in the event will be until 15 April, and please participate in it through benamoo's [공모방 (♤ 나무~이벵/공모()): Open Recruitment Room] or through director's email

It would be possible even to participate in it by making a mention through Twitter.

The details of the fan letters - The day when you were utterly infatuated with him / What's he like to you? / Something you want to talk to him about.

The length of the letters - Simple sentence / Long sentence / Poetry / Fan Art (no limit on the materials)

Background on your page - Your pictures / Rain's pictures / Character-driven pictures / Pictures in landscape. (Particularly, high-definition pictures are welcome)

Credit: rain

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