Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Rain tweets new stills from Red Scarf

Red Muffler

Thanks to Rain, we have a few more behind-the-scenes shots from his upcoming fighter-pilot blockbuster movie Red Scarf, in which he stars as a pilot with a team of fighters who carry out a bombardment of Pyongyang, North Korea.

He tweeted the following photos on April 6, with a note declaring that he's enjoying filming the movie and feeling lots of excitement. With that much fancy military equipment at his disposal, I'm not surprised; he poses here in combat gear, with an F-15 fighter jet. (The main cast has undergone aviation training at air force facilities, and the film is being produced with the cooperation of the military. Hopefully the result of that preparation is a credible portrayal of pilots in flight, or at least entertaining ones a la Top Gun.)

Below, Rain poses with his Full House hyung Kim Sung-soo — don't they look strapping together? Kim plays another fighter pilot, as do co-stars Yoo Jun-sang, Lee Jong-seok, and Lee Hana. And we can't leave out rising star Shin Se-kyung, who plays the love interest. We haven’t seen any shots of her in the movie yet, although to be honest I'm not terribly keen on her so that's not a huge disappointment. Really, a movie like this is all about the fighting and the bromance, right?

Red Scarf began filming in March and plans for a November release.

Red Muffler (1)
Red Muffler (2)

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