Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rain is seen with 'Baekga' at a bakery today

빽가와 함께 출격...한시간전에..지금도 계신지는 모르겠네..
어떤 곳인가해서 검색해봤더니 케잌 부띠끄라는데...빙수가 맛난 곳인가봐.
빽여치니하고 데이트 즐거우셨세여?

Rain and his friend 'Baekga' were seen entering 'C Four', a bakery specializing in cake, in Apgujung-dong, about an hour ago (3:50pm)
I'm not sure they’re still together there.
Surfing the internet, I've found out that the bakery is also widely known for its delicious red bean sherbet.
Rain, did you enjoy your date with 'Baekga'?

Source: DC
English translation by rain

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