Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rain's China 'The Best' concert tickets are selling like hot cakes

Rain 베이징콘서트 VIP표 한장 구하기가 힘들다~며 중국서 기사가 났어~ㅋㅋ

6년만에 하는 콘썰인데도 인기가 여전히 끝내준데~(뭐~당연한걸^^)
한국천왕 Rain의 중국콘서트가 개표 하자마자 박스오피스에서 줄곧 흥하고 VIP 입장권은 한장 구하기도 어려운 상황에 처했다.
1280장의 VIP 입장권은 당일 매진되서리 무수한 전화가 걸려왔고,,,,기자도 웹사이트에서 발권해야 할 정도.
VIP 입장권뿐아니라 180/380/580등 가격의 입장권도 모두 얼마 남지 않았다는군^^

Rain's popularity still endures, even if he has come to hold a concert in China in many years.
It says in today's Chinese paper that it's too difficult to even get just one VIP ticket for his 'The Best' concert.

As soon as the ticket sales have begun, the amount of the sales has ranked at number one, and all those trying to buy VIP tickets are in a difficult situation where it's too difficult to even get just one of them.

1280 VIP tickets have already been sold out, so the work is in a state of paralysis with the flood of inquiring calls, and even reporters have to purchase tickets online.
In addition, almost all the other admission tickets that cost 180, 380, and 580 have also been sold out.

Source: DC
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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