Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud] We Clouds support the Planting Trees Project by Chinese Cloud fans

Hi, this is the 7th executive board.

You probably all know that our artist Rain has expressed his readiness to try to help prevent desertification in China as an honorary ambassador for the campaign to protect the environment.

Because Chinese Cloud fans follow his wish and try to join the campaign, they are conducting [Planting Trees Project]

Before his concert in China on the 26th, they're going to plant 2,000 trees in the deserts of Mongolia and elsewhere, the epicenters of the sandstorms, on the 21st when many countries all over the world will plant trees, which may actually have a positive impact on preventing the yellow-dust storms our country has been affected by every year.

So how about offering words of encouragement to Chinese Cloud fans who are conducting such a great campaign, through your comments?

If there are any fans who personally want to join the campaign, we'll deliver the money to the Chinese Cloud side if the fans send their private donations by wire to the account below. The trees are around 4500 won each.

The term of the fund raising: until 3/20/2011(Sun)

● Domestic account number: 486802-01-135426 / the Kookmin bank / Addressee : 김예지 (Kim Ye Ji)
The names of the remitters: Please make the letters 나무 (Tree) prefixed to your own names when each of you fills out the remittance slip.

ex) 나무 정지훈/나무 Rain/ 나무 Jane/ Tree Rain/ Tree Jane.
● When oversea fans use PayPal.
-PayPal account: woodong002@naver.com
-Please put '중국 나무심기 프로젝트' (China Planting Trees Project) into Subject and Note sections respectively.

Thank you.

Source: rain-cloud.co.kr
English translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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