Wednesday, February 02, 2011

More detailed information about Rain in the Odeng bar

사람들 많더라고 20~30명 정도 된듯?다른 일행들은 더 있다 갔는데 비느 12시전에 먼저 나가더라고
압구정임. 대딩같음 귀여워 죽겠네 프린트된 흰색 라운드티에 검정바지인가에 붉은색에 갈색들어간? 하이탑운동화 신으시고 앞머리보이게 브라운색 비니 쓰시고
여기요~ 일케 이쁘게 종업원 부르는 비느 목소리가 들린다 잇힝 딱 비느 목소리 알아들음

There were a lot of people involved with Rain's new film in the Odeng bar located in Seoul's Apgujung-dong, besides Rain and other 3 actors. (the number of the people was between twenty and thirty)

Others stayed longer, but only Rain left before midnight.

Rain was lovely dressed as a college student, with a printed T shirt with a round neck, black pants, high top sneakers with red and brown color stripes, and a brown beanie. His hair in front round peeked out from the end of the beanie.

When Rain called over the waitress so could order, "Excuse me!", she recognized immediately who was cutely looking for her.

Source: DC
Brief translation by rain

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