Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rain's Post on Twitter

세시봉 선배님들 존경하고 또 존경합니다 ... 노래하고 좋아하는걸할수있고 우정이 있다는것 선배님들이 계시기에 저희들이 있습니다 오늘 눈물나는 노래와 말씀들 감동이었습니다... 11시간전 via 파랑새

Rain says:

I have the greatest respect for our "C'est Si Bon" seniors..
All of our singing and doing the things we like and building friendships, is a tribute to their presence itself.
I was deeply impressed by their stories and their songs drawing tears from us today. 11 hours ago via blue bird

** Note:
MBC TV's Lunar New Year special 'Come to Play' was broadcast late at night on the 31st on which some singers
in the older age group such as 'Yang Hee Eun', 'Jo Young Nam', 'Kim Se Howan', 'Song Chang Shik', and 'Yun Hyung Joo' who had been famous singers in the 1960s~1970s, appeared.
In the program, they were seen laughing and joking with each other, remembering past positive moments. The TV program won popular acclaim and high ratings. Probably, Rain was also very impressed when he watched it.
Each of them started his or her singing career as a singer in a cafe called "C'est Si Bon" in Seoul at that time, so in general, they are called by the title, "C'est Si Bon" singers. (by rain bird)

English translation by rain

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