Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rain confesses that he holds his "C'est Si Bon" seniors in the highest respect

Singer Rain showed his respect to past masters, his "C’est Si Bon" seniors.

Rain said some things on his Twitter at around midnight on the 2nd February, "I have the greatest respect for our "C’est Si Bon" seniors..All of our singing and doing the things we like and building friendships, is a tribute to their presence itself.,,I was deeply impressed by their stories and their songs drawing tears from us today."

Rain seemed to give his thoughts on it after viewing "C’est Si Bon" concert structured as a Lunar New Year special edition of MBC TV's show program 'Come to Play' which was broadcast for both days of the 31st January and the 1st February. In his view as a senior, Rain expressed how he felt about his big seniors' touching stories and songs.

Meanwhile, "C'est Si Bon" concert was much loved where "C'est Si Bon" members composed of 'Yang Hee Eun', 'Jo Young Nam', 'Kim Se Howan', 'Song Chang Shik', and 'Yun Hyung Joo' were having a wonderful time talking about their past.

Source: Osen
Brief translation by rain

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