Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exactly when will Rain join the army?

The issue of singer Rain's joining the army has come up in conversation again.

During the phone call with Newsen on February 25th, an official from Rain's agent expressed, "Rain is thinking of joining the army in late 2011. If he receives formal notification from the Military Manpower Administration, he plans to follow it."

But, there is recently a groundless rumor going round that he'll join the army this summer, which surprises everyone. The official defended that report, saying, "The information on what he could join the army after this summer has been miscommunicated as if he will this summer."

He added, "Rain is planning to shoot movie 'Red Muffler' and to do his album before he joins the army. So it is in a state of flux now as the plan on when to join the army is subject to change"

Source: Newsen
Brief translation by rain

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