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[Revised notice from rain-cloud] 8th Cloud Oversea Membership Guide (excluding Korean & Japanese)

Hi, this is 7th Cloud executives.

Finally, we will begin 8th Cloud membership application.
Please read thoroughly and follow the instructions.

Even though a lot of problems occurred during oversea application process in the past, we weren’t able to rectify the problems.

Especially we are conducting the application process for both domestic and oversea applicants this time, we appointed oversea (Korea & Japan Excluded) membership supporter to help with application process.

The Cloud personnel will be sharing inquiry contents and payment activities with oversea membership supporter.

We hope to get a lot of interest and please spread the words around for 8th Cloud membership.

Thank you always.

8th Cloud oversea membership inquiry:

Supporter: Heidi Li


8th Oversea Cloud Membership

Application Period: 2/21/2011 – 3/20/2011 Korean time

Effective Date: from the day of membership status is upgrade to regular member after 8th Cloud application

(regular member has access to '구름가득한방' section)

Membership Fee: US$ 55 (pay through Paypal) – Please pay with US$ only

Membership Benefit:- Provide official Cloud membership card and Cloud membership goods
- Regular membership status at Official Cloud site ( & receive exclusive information as The Cloud member
- Cloud exclusive fanmeeting (1 time only) privilege
- Priority admission to open-to-public broadcasting session (According to arrangement with organizer)
- Opportunity of participating in other Cloud events

Minor Discounts: US$ 40 (Need confirmation from oversea membership supporter)- Minor Criteria – Any oversea applicants who are born in/after 1/1/1993
- Discounts is permitted after minor confirmation from oversea membership supporter
- Before the payment, need to send inquiry and request of confirmation
- When you send confirmation request, need proof of minor criteria.

(Proof can be any official document that have name & birth date – passport, Student/National ID) (You can block any other sensitive personal information except name & birth date)


Application Procedures
* Use extream caution to follow the instruction
* Please send membership inquiry to (Heidi Li)

1. Make a membership payment, US$ 55 with Paypal during application period

- Paypal Account:
- Write '8th Cloud oversea membership' at 'subject' section when you make a payment
- Write 'rain-cloud login ID, name, country, shipping address (your language & English), and e-mail address' at 'memo' section when you make a payment
(When you make a payment as group, please make sure payee to send all applicants information to and e-mail title is 'applicants' information')

- Group payment with Paypal member is allowed for applicants who aren't Paypal members
- Taiwanese & Chinese applicants who have difficulty using Paypal can use Group Transfer though its country Master (Taiwan: Cindy, China: Amanda)
- Detailed Group Transfer information will be notify to its country Masters.
- Keep it in mind there will be account confirmation period (bank account user) from Paypal when you open paypal account, so do not wait to the last minute.

2. After making a payment, login to Official Cloud site (
(If you hadn't joined rain-cloud yet, please join as new member)

3. Click '구름8기신청' banner, fill out the form and press 확인(OK)
- Group payment applicants also need to login with own login ID and fill out the form
- DO NOT modify ID while filling out the form.


For the special case you can't be help but to make a payment with Korean Won.
- Transfer funds, 65,000Won (conclusive fees including processing fees), to the bank account below
(This transaction is to be used as last result, please use Paypal if it is possible)

Account Name: Lee, Gawon
Bank Name: Kookmin Bank
Account number: 652702-04-132939

- After making a payment, click '구름8기가입' banner and fill out the form.


Important things to be aware

1. Please use your contact number where we can reach you and your full mailing address for you to receive shipment correctly.
(We cannot be held responsible for what happens caused by wrong information)

2. In case of withdrawing from The Cloud after the completion of the application, it's impossible to rejoin the club within the terms of the 8th membership.

3. Please note that you cannot return the item and no refund is possible after the completion of the application.

4. If you only fill out the form without the payment or vice versa, you won't be included in the fan club members.

5. You can check to see whether the payment have been applied to the account or can check out the list of those who have become members, at one time after the completion of all application.

6. Make sure you keep your own payment remittance carefully which could be used instead of the membership card.

*Notice for the new rain-cloud members will be posted at '구름들의 사랑공간' after a day.

English translation by rain

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