Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rain is to join the army in late 2011 after doing his film and music careers

Regarding his military service, singer Rain has made it clear that he'll follow the Military Manpower Administration's decision without protest.

During the phone call with Sports Today, part of Asia Economy, on February 25th, his agent expressed, "He'll know exactly when to join the army only if he receives formal notification from the MMA. He'll abide by its decision and no question asked."

Continuing, "He'll engage in his film and music careers before joining the army. Movie 'Red Muffler' starring him will begin filming upcoming March, and his album will also be released that time."

Meanwhile, Rain was about to join the army last year, but he asked for a delay in the date of that to the MMA because he had to appear in KBS 2TV drama 'the Fugitive Plan B'.

Source: Sports Today
Brief translation by rain

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