Friday, June 25, 2010

Rain's fans' song for him

Benamoo, one of Rain fan clubs, will release a music album titled 'Raintree' with 5 songs composed and written by themselves to celebrate Rain's 29th birthday, thus, he is expected to receive the music present for his birthday.

The sound source will be officially opened through on line on the 25th and the sale will begin through off line on the 28th, and the CD'll be sent to Rain staying in Japan due to his concert.

At the fan club level, they wrote both the words and the music of songs in the album, and were given Rain pictures from his close friend 'Baekga' and designed its cover and back with the pictures.

This album includes 5 songs such as "The Tree That Gives Its Heart", "Tell Me 'Love'", etc. and all the proceeds from this album will be donated to the poor.

Source: Sports Hankook
Breif translation credit: rain

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