Friday, June 25, 2010

Rain's Fans Gave Him A Self-made CD With Songs & Album Jacket As His Birthday Gift

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) Who will be turning 28 on the 25th (29 in Korea) received a very special gift from his fans.

As a birthday present, his fans directly gave him a CD with a song that was written and sung by his fans.

The CD was titled "Raintree". This was a project made by his fans where they themselves wrote and sung the song, they even designed the album cover and did everything. The album contained 5 songs.

"RainTree" is his birthday gift from his fans, where on his official site on the 28th, the CD will be released. Fans in Japan where he is currently having a tour gets to spend Rain’s birthday with him. This birthday gift from his fans will also be directly given to Rain in Japan. The proceeds of this album will be donated to charity.

Meanwhile, His fans are also have been organizing charity works and have been donating in the name of Rain to the help the hungry children in Haiti, China and also the earthquake refugee's.

Source: Sportshankook
Credits: Blueprincess824@dailykpopnews

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