Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RAIN, ZEPP tour finally started!


Sun, June 22.23, RAIN "LOVE TOUR 2010" [The ZEPP RAIN LOVES ZEPP TOUR 』held in Tokyo.

Little around 6:30 pm, and solemn music is played, followed by the dancers on stage RAIN! ! In a roar, RAIN of "have fun!" With the slogan, "RAINISM" song, live tour started with a bang waiting.

The real name from the audience, "Jung Ji-hoon, Jung Ji-hoon," echoed the voice of the venue. Their feet and opening up to balcony seats, followed by the "IT'S RAINING" But the ringing cheers. Showed a strong and powerful song from the first dance performance RAIN.

"Hello everyone. Been a long time in New Year. How are you? Hahahatsu, What did you eat rice?" Greeting in Japanese. RAIN is a sweaty, just off the sunglasses, just took off up a huge cheer jacket, RAIN is "cute?" "Cool?" If you ask, and as loud of course, "cool, cute , sexy! "and meet fans.

Himself says, "I'm really very good, but Japanese ・ ・ ・ Oh hahaha," but that (laughs), Korean (Ali translation) to talk to Frank and Japanese RAIN. Voice over directly from one end of the stage, sometimes sitting on the edge of the stage, speak to the audience to sing. Unique live, you can just direct contact with fans, RAIN I feel I can close the concert. "What name?" "How old are you?" And, RAIN is a very relaxed and they were talkative than usual.

"September 12", the screen was projected on a moonlit night backstage, singing with a touch of sadness RAIN everyone was enraptured with the husky voice of his. Especially in this time all eyes are directed at the latest screen graphic effects, "FREE WAY" video is like Rizzo RAIN like to drive. "SAD TANGO" and, "In My Bed", such as old number, and the concert was rarely performed songs that did not listen. Moreover, "DON'T STOP" number of the structure appeared NEW maple dance version. "It was hard to make." RAIN could say it's a masterpiece.

"My Lady", the highlight of the live stage this time. RAIN choose one from among his audience, and invited on stage. Flowers and songs from RAIN, stuffed with gifts and videotapes. RAIN fun and smile a date. He also directed the first concert I remember, as an adult in the RAIN, but also fresh.

"HIP SONG" 2th stage started, the place heats up more and more! Mazinger Z is a T-shirt dress! , "WITH YOU" "FRESH WOMAN" is a state-wide dance to rock and roll venue. And, "LOVE SONG" completely knock out the audience with a sexy dance, the excitement reached a crescendo venue.

The encore on July 23, popped up to the stage of the coyote's best friend Becca is also a great success. A major surgery in January, RAIN was also very concerned about all their fans, not just look healthy Becca dancing, fans gave huge applause. Becca RAIN two shots and dancing, will not quite seeing. Enjoy the music and dance clubs of the last dancers seemed to really enjoy RAIN. Became one venue, while the upsurge after all 20 songs as if this still goes on all night live, live fun ended.

But simple Aguresshiburu stage is the same, life-sized bare RAIN (Jung Ji-hoon) that can also touch, NEW album "BACK TO THE BASIC" is reminiscent of that was live. I was impressed with fans, severally, "the next to go too," the purpose-built off site, "July 17 ・ 18 Supaarinaraibu Saitama" in the ticket booth was making a long line. RAIN's performance can not be duplicated by anyone. He is still the best musicians, and entertainers are sure it is. RAIN evolving stage of the witness wants to miss the future.

Tokyo Live RAIN is finished, ZEPP welcomed his 25th birthday live in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Sapporo and continue to live tour, July 17 ・ hold special live two-day 18th . Currently, a limited time at the Official Blog "RAIN OFFICIAL BLOG" in public. LOVE TOUR regularly updated information, RAIN, and snap photos and post their own comments. I definitely feel more familiar to RAIN.

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Source & credit: RAIN Germany / Phoenix

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