Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rain arrived at Narita Airport where there were his more than 500 fans waiting to see him, and will hold a concert tour across Japan from the 22nd

Korea's actor and singer Rain visited Japan on the 20th in order to go on his concert tour 'ZEPP Love Concet Tour' across the country from the 22nd. That's his second visit this year.

He arrived at Narita Airport about 10:25 am and waved his hand for his more than enthusiastic 500 fans who had been there 3 hours when before he arrived.

Rain was the first Korean to receive Biggest Badass Star at 2010 MTV Movie Awards held in LA, USA, last 6th, and The tickets of this concert which will be held at 9 venues in 6 cities have been sold out in a day.

Rain who'll hold 2 shows in Saitama Super Arena on July 17th and 18th after his ZEPP tour, whose popularity continues to rise. He'll hold a press conference on the 21st.

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