Sunday, June 20, 2010

Actor 'Daniel Henney'll join KBS 2TV drama Runaway starring Rain

Daniel Henney return to work as an actor in 4 years, joining KBS 2TV drama Runaway starring Rain.

This drama features the love triangle between actress 'Lee Na-Young', Rain, and 'Daniel Hay' to act her guardian angel who screens her from danger and protects her.

Menawhile, unbeknownst to themselves, love'll blossom between the two (Rain, 'Lee Na-Young') while the characters will play a cat-and mouse game to trap each other with the dynamic plot line of the drama, and this drama'll be shot on location abroad such as Japan, China, Thailnad, Philippine, etc, including Korea.

As they cast Rain as the leading character with the joining of the production team of huge box-office hit drama 'Chuno' which went off the air last March, 'Runaway' has already become the most desired drama at home and abroad and will be aired at the end of September.

Source: Money Today's Star News
Brief translation credit: rain

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