Monday, May 10, 2010

Rain'll have a surprise meeting with his more than 300 fans on the 12th

Rain'll have a surprise meeting with his more than 300 fans, going around downtown Seoul on the 12th.

On this day, Rain'll relay to hold his autograph parties in downtown Seoul for 6 hours, visiting around the CD stores, 'Music Korea' in Myung-dong and 'Kyobo Hottracks' in Kangnam-gu, starting with iPark Mall's 'Sinnara' in Yongsan at 2:30pm.

Rain's agent expressed on the 10th, "Rain's come to hold his autograph party to say thank his fans who have supported his musical activities with his special album." continuing, "He hopes this event will be a short, memorable one to them."

Through his homepage last 7th, he released his photo that showed his posting a message to his fans in his car while he was waiting on the pre-recording of KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', "It's a lovely day, isn't it? You came into my mind while I was surfing the Internet. Thanks so much for bring all kinds of delicious food in the lunch box to the waiting room every meal of the day."

Rain'll follow up with his second single 'Hip Song' from May13th, and will go on a concert tour in Japan's Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo, etc. from June 22nd.

Source: JES news
Brief translation credit: rain

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