Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain said, "Tom Cruise personally visited me for wanting to see me."

World star Rain talked about how he had become associated with the world's top star Tom Cruise.

During the pre-recording of SBS TV show program 'Strong Heart's episode 2, Rain started to talk, "Once I was in a business meeting while I was in USA, and they said someone wanted to see me"

He added, "While I was wondering who he or she was, someone personally visited me and was none other than Tom Cruise. He was extremely pleased to see me. Frankly speaking, it was like a dream."

But Rain had a surprise word, which aroused the audience's curiosity, "I found on reflection after separating each other that I felt there was something laking."

In addition, Rain touched the audience with tales of what he had worked hard to keep his place in the hollywood market that is a dog-eat-dog world.

Also, he poured out his mind of what his world tour had fallen through, and frankly talked about the results for the success of his movie Ninja Assassin.

In this program, actor 'Lee Tae-Gon', gagman 'Jung Chan-Woo', rapper 'Epichigh', idol group 'Super Junior's 'Kim Hee-Cheol', 'Jung Ga-Eun', actress 'Lee Chae-Young', girl group After School's 'Park Ga-Hee', girl group 'Tiara's 'Ji Yon', 'Howang Hyun-Hee' and so on, participated as guests, including Rain. It will be aired on the 11th at 11:05 pm.

Meanwhile, Rain's 'Love Song' and 'Hip Song' from his special album have been a big hit with the public since the album was released last month.

Source: Asia Economy & Newsen
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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