Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain confessed, "I was flying an airplane and it nearly killed me, just be sure to fasten your seat belt."

MBC Cometoplay

Episode 1:

Rain surprised the guests, "I've had no girl friend for 4 years."

During MBC show program 'Come Over And Play' aired on the 17th, where Rain, his close friend 'Kim Kwang-Min', singer 'Son Ho-Young', singer 'Lee Hyo-Ri' and so on appeared as guests, Rain said, "My ideal type is a nice and sexy woman who has a dual personality, in other words, she is usually modest, but looks so sexy at some time. So I'm a fool to love such a woman."

When he was asked by MC when he had a date with his girl friend last. he answered, "I dated my last of her 4 years ago." which surprised the guests.

Rain's close friend 'Kim Kwang-Min' who knows well about Rain's love story, agreed with what Rain was saying, by nodding, "He is right."

Rain added, "I sometimes have recollection of what I had said something offensive or hurtful to my girl friend after breaking up with her. The most bitter word I said to her was, 'Why are you trying to control me as if you watch my every action?. Why don't you allow me to see my close friends who have gotten along with me for more than 20 years, since before meeting with you?'"

Episode 2:

Rain continued to go on, "Once, I missed my step and fell down the stage during my concert in Hong Kong, so I even blacked out right after the accident at that time, nevertheless, I finished my concert without any mischance. After that, I was told to have slight concussion and to fracture my arm."

And, in addition, he said, "I was on the plane flying to Australia for my concert and it nearly killed me. I always wore my seat belt, but I wonder why I wasn't wearing it that time. That's why I was thrown sharply upwards and I thought I really was going to die then."

He looked back on the days by saying, "I feel dizzy just at the thought of the incident. Just be sure to fasten your seat belt when you are getting on the airplane or in the car."

Episode 3:

On this day, singer 'Son Ho-Young', one member of 5 male group GOD which has now broken up, confessed, "Once, I had a drink with 5 male group MBLAQ discovered and trained by Rain, but MBLAQ who is afraid of Rain begged me, "Please don't tell Rain on this occasion that we were drinking with you without his knowing."

Then Rain said, half in jest, "Since they tiptoed out of the practice room, drank, and talked about me behind my back, I should teach them manners."

Meanwhile, 'Come Over And Play' became No.1 in ratings among the programs at the same time while attracting the attention of the public with Rain's appearance, getting the highest ratings ever (16.3%)

Source: Newsen, Max Movie & TV Report
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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