Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain changes his mind after meeting his own heart

Rain_Kim Sung-Jae

Episode 4:

During MBC show program 'Come Over And Play' aired on the 17th, Rain expressed, "Gagwoman 'Jung Joo-Ri' and 'Kim Na-Young' look very sexy when they stay still. I like both of them."

'Jung Joo-Ri' heard the news of Rain's confession to like a woman who has a dual personality like her, so she made a surprise visit to the shooting scene and became sexier talking to him.('Jung Joo-Ri' didn't make a guest appearance on the show on the day.)

Then Rain tired to quickly reject 'Jung Joo-Ri' by saying, "Actually, 'Kim Na-Young' seems to look sexier than 'Jung Joo-Ri'"

In response, 'Jung Joo-Ri' tried to change his mind back again, but it did not turn out as she wished, so she said, "I told my mother, 'Rain said he likes me', but she was opposed to my plan to date with him." which made the guests burst into laugh.

Rain breathed a sigh of relief by her words and thanked her mother. After meeting with him, she posed for a photo with him, hugging his shoulder in two arms.

Source: TV Daily
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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