Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain and Lee Hyori confessed seeing each other as members of the opposite gender

Singer Rain talked about how Lee Hyori is very charming and is able to attract guys.

He had said that during his appearance on MBC 'Come To Play' aired on 17th May. Rain said, "She did not, for once, went after any guy. But instead she seems like she have been chased after by many men. She seems charming – feminine appearance and charismatic on stage. Even though it was not on purpose, Lee Hyori noona has the ability to attract men."

With that Lee Hyori asked, "Have you thought of me as someone of the opposite tender?" And Rain replied, "Will there is anyone who do not think of someone called Lee Hyori as a woman?" And Lee Hyori seemed happy with Rain's answer.

Meanwhile, the 2 of them also talked about coming to promote in the same time period after 7 years since it also happened in 2003, "Personally it is good. It is fun to promote in the same time period 7 years since we last did in 2003."

Lee Hyori added, "Now I don't have many friends, and when I go to broadcast centres, almost everyone who greets me are juniors so I feel lonely. But luckily there is JiHoonie these days who will ask me 'Noona have you eaten?'."

And also on the show, Lee Hyori talks about her ideal type, "A while back I said on a show that I want to meet someone who is not working in the entertainment industry, but now I feel like I want to meet someone who is works in this industry. I want to meet someone who can understand me and whom I can share what I'm going through with."

Rain also revealed, "Someone with split personality." And guest appearance Son HoYoung asked, "Have Rain been in a love relationship before?" Rain’s reply was, "Honestly, the most recently one was about 4 years back."

Sources: Starnews, Osen
Source: K Bites

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