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MBC FM Radio 'Starry Night' on April 28, 2010

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Q: Spring rain seems to have been drizzling down from early morning by the news that Rain'll visit here.

To welcome him with one voice, our staffs had to rearrange the office equipment in our studio this morning.

He is just fine the way he is. His name Bi (Rain) itself is a proper noun.

There is no need to apply the epithet 'World Star' or 'the star selected as one of the most influential 100 people in the world by Time magazine' to him.

Welcome, Rain.

Rain: Thank you for welcoming me warmly. I love all of you.


Q: You are most warmly welcome here.

Rain: I seem to come back here a year and a half after I was on this radio show.


Q: I thought you would first be on this show, but you were first on the other one before us.

Rain: KBS Cool FM Radio 'Pop Song Plaza' is the most powerful show program during the day time, while MBC FM 'Starry Night' is next to none in the radio program at night.

Such the radio program before 6pm is anything but a show. I think I'm talking through my hat after skimping all day. But I feel reinvigorated after taking some snacks given to me from an entertainment a minute ago.

(When MC asked him who that entertainment was)

Rain: I value my freedom and privacy as much as other people, so I can't tell you anything. If you want to know something about that, please prepay a bill, and I'll give you my account number. I said it just fun.


Q: There is a tip-off that many listeners enjoyed KBS 'Pop Song Plaza' to the fullest., where you were prior to this.

Rain: That was very interesting show.


Q: I've hosted this show with 'MBLAQ' for 6months, therefore, I feel your accent seems to be similar to 'MBLAQ's 'Lee Joon's.

Rain: No, 'Lee Joon' emulates me.


Q: Congrats on your 8th debut anniversary.

Rain: Actually, I've been an entertainer for ten years, if I include my trainee days.

I ever had one go and zonked out, when you paid for a round of drinks at that time when I was a newcomer.


Q: Won't you buy me a drink tomorrow?

Rain: Drinks on me after finishing my musical activities for my special album.


Rain: Is your baby growing up healthily? I'm really envious of you!

Q: Rain wrote down his comment on me on his special album's 'Thanks To', "I'm really envious of you." "I want to get married like you"

But, when I opened his special album, I was amazed and confounded by his naked body. Every woman will be irresistibly drawn to him, and will be mad to marry him.


Rain: See, as I keep telling people in a TV CF, it doesn't make sense at all if I count my body, so I've forced my way anyways.


Q: I've not shown any real regret for what I've got married, but I now regret it because of you.

Rain: You don't have to regret it. Congratulations on your marriage.


Q: Once, our family including my husband and my baby, and Rain bumped into each other at a restaurant.

Rain: Your husband is more handsome than me. When it come to appearance, education, family background, etc., I'm not in his league.

Q: After exchanging greetings each other, my husband signed up for a health club the same day because of you.


Rain: What I am curious about is how you first met each other.

Q: First, I registered a marriage.

Rain: He looks like a professional soccer player in England.

Q: My husband has Thai people's looks, so I call him as Thai Bi (Rain)


Rain: I envied your having such a close family on that day.

Q: I envied you having such a close friend 'Yun Kye-Sang' at the restaurant on that day.


Rain: I even had my fortune told by a fortune-teller on that day.

He said, "The more I get married at a later age, the more I get lucky."

However, I want to get married as soon as possible.

Q: I want you to put off your wedding as possible for your fans.

Rain: Marriage is the most important part of my life, so I want to be a wife (jokingly)

Nobody laugh!


Q: Our female director asked you not to get married to be 40.

Rain: No, I will not. I have my own life.

Q: Your accent is very similar to 'Lee Joon' (MBLAQ)

Rain: Why do you emulate me? (turning to look at him)


Q: 'Lee Joon' and Mir are now seated in the audience's section.


Q: You've come to nurture the next generation for the first time.

Six months after MBLAQ's debut, they have changed to a popular singers.

Rain: I don't think they are good, It's my joke.

They have remarkable singing skills, and their passion and expectations about music is on another level.

In particular, 'Lee Joon' tries to beat me.

Q: 'Lee Joon' says "You shouldn't do that" often during this show. (the line in Ninja Assassin)

Rain: My face seems to turn red with embarrassment because of him.

Just for their own success, I think they don't have connection with me anymore.


Q: In a TV CF, 'Lee Joon' says "Please wait a minute" (I'll beat you Rain)

Rain: I'll never fall behind in competition with 'Lee Joon'.


Q: If you will not let a woman go, I think she'll never leave you.

Anyway, do you happen to know a guy called 'Jeong Ji-Kwang' who is known to be distantly connected with your family?

Rain: I do not know him at all.

Q: Is it true, what you just said?

Rain: I do not know him at all.


Q: When we talked with 'Lee Joon' while the ads ran a little while ago, he said, "I had some sushi for dinner".

Rain was a little upset when he found out the fact.

Rain: I've been busy all day, so I haven't been eating regularly. Please give me a big hand.


Rain: Manger, please treat everyone equally!

Q: Who did buy 'Lee Joon' the sushi?

'Lee Joon': My manager did.

Rain: All the managers should be assembled after this show!


Q: When do you plan to release MBLAQ's second album?

Rain: They are not likely to release their 2nd album any more.

It's a joke. Their new album will be released about May 20th.

Whether their album is released or not depends on how hard they try.


Rain: They have to win first prize this time.

If they do not so, they'll never have the opportunity to release their next album, and will put that ambitions aside.


Q: MBLAQ want their lodging house to be changed, because it doesn't have a nice living environment.

Rain: They have to fulfill all the responsibilities they have been given, before demanding such a thing.

They've lived in Apgujeong-dong where rent for houses is high in this part of town, while I had been trained and lived in the practice room until my activities for my first album, under far worse conditions than they have done.

I had felt so thankful that I had not been starving in that hard time. I had no spare suit of clothes. Far from eating sushi, thanked JYP for his help, and it was not until I was recently in Australia that I knew such fur boots 'Lee Joon' is putting on. By comparison, MBLAQ have many things.


Rain: The leader at the head can only guide their goal in the right direction.

What I want is that MBLAQ and I meet in the final. If so, I want I'll win.

But I sincerely hope they'll surpass me in every respect someday.

JYP said that he had stopped smoking because of my success, but I think he was fibbing.


Q: What did you stop for MBLAQ?

Rain: I didn't stop anything.


Q: Hip Song is a song which is linked to hip.

Rain: That's right.


Q: They say 'Lee Joon's fan gave him the fur boot as a gift, so please forgive him.

Rain: Whenever I received gifts at that time, I used to let JYP know them.

But it doesn't matter to me what happens.


Q: 'Lee Joon' and Mir seem to have a service.

Rain: They are even usually well-behaved like that?

Q: It doesn't mean that at all.

Rain: I don't know how to apologize to you because of them.

Q: I've seen them week to week.

MBLAQ have been on this show, I've connected you with them more than 80 times.


Q: MBLAQ now have plenty of fans.

Rain: Thank their fans for the suppport them.


Audience: I congratulate you on your remarkable achievements with your special album. You're a role model for young people such as MBLAQ, singer 'Cheongrim and so on. What do you think of this?

Rain: Good chance will avail you nothing without effort.

Those who go the extra mile will get rewarded someday. Instead of making me your role models, please surpass me. It's the only way you'll succeed.


Q: You speak so well.

Rain: I've become more eloquent. Anyway, when do you plan to quit this job?

Q: I plan to bring my second baby into being here.

Rain: I want to be a DJ for this show after you quit your job here.

Q: I never quit my job.


Mir: Among MBLAQ's members, who do you have one particular guy in mind for your younger sister's potential mate?

Rain: How could you say that! The cheek of it!

Actually, 'Seung Ho' seems to be unpretentious, but very inventive, and a man of many talents.

'Cheon Doong' sometimes gives ridiculous answers, but he is very cute, and has a certain instinct or eventual talent for music.

'Mir' has a heart of gold, and works very hard, so I have greater expectations of him than ever.

Sometimes I think GO's beard is becoming into him, other times I don't. He has also has a remarkable singing skill.

'Lee Joon' is the best performer in every respect except his fur boots.

The consequence is that there's no potential mate for my younger sister.


Q: If there is a guy who is a chip off you, how do you respond?

Rain: I'll seize his proposal with both hands for my sister.

Q: However, your sister could not count the guy as her husband.

Rain: Your're right. She'll say no, because she likes other idol groups except MBLAQ.


Lee Joon: In a radio show, you said you'll take responsibility to take care of us all your life. Are you being honest?

Rain: I just propose your direction as a producer and as your elder brother.

Please work hard if you hitch your wagon to a star.


Q: Let's go to mess soon.

Rain: You have to bring your baby to the meeting place.

If I'll get married, I'll concern myself with investments which mean that I have a daughter and a son.


Rain: My new album has been released, so I hope you to do downloads, ringtones and so on for me.

Also, MBLAQ's new album will be released about May 20th, so please support them.

I wish I could have a daughter and a son after 8 years.

MBLAQ (Lee Joon &Mir): We're hard at work on our next album. We'll never fail you!

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