Thursday, April 29, 2010

Infinity Girls meet Rain

Any girl in her right mind would feel lucky to meet top star Rain! Well, it seems as if the Infinity Girls had the opportunity to do so recently!

On the latest episode of MBC Everyone Infinity Girls Season 2, the girls were given a mission to find Rain, and thus went out to go look for him. However, as the girls had no prior knowledge of their mission, they were quite flustered as what to do. They went from place to place in search of the star and in the end, their hard work finally paid off.

After all their hard work, they asked Rain for an interview and he quickly agreed to it. During their time spent with Rain, comedian Jung Joo Ri fulfilled her individual mission of dancing with Rain to Love Song and comedian Kim Na Young asked Rain to a staring contest as an excuse for her mission of 'locking your eyes with Rain’s for 10 seconds.' In addition, comedian Ahn Young Mi came out in a Gollum costume, causing Rain to laugh. Sound like they had a blast!The episode airs on April 29th.

Source: Allkpop

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