Friday, March 26, 2010

Rain first starts to challenge himself with a ballad song. The teaser for its MV will be released today at noon

The title track for Rain's special album due out on April 1st, has turned out to be a ballad song.

In a press release on the 26th, his agent J.Tune Entertainment expressed, "Rain has first chosed a ballad song for the title track for his special album since his debut. As this new album will be for Rain's fans, he wanted to try something different instead of what he's been doing."

The name of the title track for his new album 'Back To The Basic' is 'The Song To Capture You'. In particular, its music and lyrics have been written by Rain himself, that has more important significance to him.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated teaser for his new song's music video will be released on his official website homepage today at noon ( on Mar.26th by the local time in Korea)

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Source: Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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