Friday, March 26, 2010

Rain Unveils Special Album Jacket

Actor and singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon, 28 years old) unveiled a teaser photograph from his special album which is scheduled for release on April 1.

His agency, J. Tune Entertainment, delivered the statement, "The title of this special album is 'Back to the Basics' and it literally means that he goes to back to the basics."

Agency explained that Rain has been a musician for eight years since his debut in May, 2002 but he still has not forgotten his original intentions to be a singer.

The unveiled teaser photograph on the album jacket is somewhat extraordinary. In the monochrome photograph, he lets his hair down his shoulders and reveals lower eyelashes made longer through extensions. His sharp nose is very impressive in the picture.

Even though his specialty is dance performance, Rain chose a ballad song as the title song of this album.

His special album began pre-selling on websites such as Hot Tracks, Yes24, Interpark, Aladdin, and Synnara from March 22.

Source: KBS Global

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