Friday, March 26, 2010

In the MV teaser for his special album's title track, Rain's performance wonderfully reveals the mournful workings of the character he plays

World star Rain who is about to return to a stage as a singer, whose music video teaser for the ballad song that is the title track of his special album, was released on his official website homepage, Gom TV and so on, at noon on Mar. 26th, in which he can be seen crying over in the middle of street.

Even though it is so cold that the stream coming out of his mouth can be seen, the mournful look on his face that is a carry-out from his out-standing acting skills through appearing in movies, dramas, an so on, is more pathetically touching. Both the words and the music of this song have been directly written by Rain.

His agent J.Tune Entertainment expressed, "The title track is the first ballad song since his debut. his determination to try to do something different instead of what he's been doing can be felt throughout it."

Meanwhile, Rain plans to appear on the stage through music programs from the first week in April after the release of his special album on April 1st.

Source: Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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