Monday, March 22, 2010

[Notice from rain-jihoon] Regarding Rain's special album preorder

Hello, this is J.Tune Camp.

Have you waited for a long time?

Rain's Special Album [BACK TO THE BASIC] for all of you is due out April 1st.

We've been swamped with inquires right after he wrote about his special album through his official homepage last 15th.

In particular, many of you have complained of being bored waiting for the album, so we'd like to present some information about it.

The album can be preordered online from the 22nd (today), so please refer to each of the following sites.

We hope that you'll support and love Rain a lot, as this album will be for you.

Since Rain is hard at work as well as you have hoped, please wait a moment.

We hope you to be happy with Rain this Spring.

Thank you.

Brief translation credit: rain

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