Monday, March 22, 2010

Ninja Assassin is at the top on the Apple Download movie charts for action

Ninja Assassin starring Rain is at the top on Apple Download site 'Itunes' movie charts for action.

World star Rain's first hollywood leading movie Ninja Assassin has been ranked No.3 among the top-ranking 100 movies on the Itunes' movie charts, and been ranked No.1 on the movie charts for action after beating out 'Hurt Locker' which won an Oscar for Best Picture and '2012' which enjoyed tremendous popularity throughout the world.

Meanwhile, Ninja Assassin where around $40 million had been invested into the production, reached the break-even point as of last January. If all profits from the rights related to worldwide DVD, video, and TV are added to this, it is sure to make good profits.

Rain who has gained a foot hold in the hollywood movie industry due to the success of his movie Ninja Assassin, is known to have received attention from there.

Source: Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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