Monday, March 22, 2010

It'll Rain in April. Rain is to come back to the domestic song world in almost a year and a half


Singer Rain'll release his special album in April and will return to the domestic song world. This mini album which will include 4 songs or so, the title of which is 'BACK TO THE BASIC'.

The teaser picture revealed on the 22nd before the release of the album, shows his attempt to begin the process of refashioning himself for a new career.

The hair falling over his shoulders and the eyelashes that are long, are typical examples of that. In light of these, there is speculation that his new album concept might be 'Glam Rock', one of retro-style trends.

The reason the album comes to be released is to celebrate his 8th year after his debut. He officially debuted in May, 2002.

Meanwhile, there's a keen interest on how it'll go on since the preorder for the album is supposed to begin from the 22nd as if he shows off his undiminished power. He's scheduled to come back to the domestic musical world in 16 months after his 5th album Rainism.

Source: Sports DongA
Brief translation credit: rain

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