Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain's post on Twitter - A photo that presents Rain and his dancer together at Macao's concert hall

gori7911 Park KyeongYeol
@29rain 내사진은 버린거고? 리허설에 집중해!
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Dancer: Have you thrown away the photo that presents you and me together?
Concentrate on just rehearsing!

@29rain Ji hoon jung
형 미안해 형이 희생할수밖에...p.k
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Rain: Sorry, hyung..There is no choice but for you to make such a sacrifice for me.. p.k.

(Probably Rain refers to dancer's name "Park KyeongYeol" as p.k. for convenience..
When "Pak KyeongYeol" regrets that a picture presents Rain and himself together isn't posted on Twitter, though a little too late Rain has posted it on the site as a token of his rain bird)

English translation by rain

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