Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain's performance in German Dresden hits the headlines in the local papers. Rain performs in the presence of a throng of eager fans

Rain's backup dancer 'Park Kyung Ryul' with the ID name @gori7911, posted on his Twitter, "I didn't realized that there were so many Rain fans loving him with all their heart in Germany. Many young people were seen dancing to the beat of his 'Hip Song' in the plaza after the concert. I was so amazed by this fact that there were so many young fans loving him like this. How nice! I think his German fans are such lovely persons."

Continuing, "The response to his performance in Dresden was so fantastic.. When he finished performing, the audience gave him a standing ovation, in addition, they even shouted, "Encore!" Just then, I felt a lump in my throat..I was totally unprepared for their response because I thought that the concert hall would have a quiet atmosphere. I can't believe that we performed in the presence of such a throng of his eager fans..."

Dresden music festival has come to be one of Germany's representative festivals since it first took place in 1978. Rain was asked to attend the festival from Jan Vogler, a world-famous cellist and artistic director of the festival, and came to participate in it on the 19th.

Aslo. the article about Rain was on today's online and offline papers in that country. He was featured in the culture section of the newspaper, ‘', that contained the following, 'Rain was invited to take part in the Dresden Music Festival from 'Jan Vogler', 'Rain got the honor of being on the list of TIME's top 100 most influential people in the world again.' and 'His films'

Netizens made their comments, "I'm dying to see the video clips showing his performance." "It's incredible that Rain had great influence with the people even in Germany." The people who attended the concert, posted on the internet, "His song "The Way to Avoid the Sun' with the cello tunes really was quite fantastic." "I am really proud of Rain."

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