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Dresden fascinated by Rain's performance, the crowd kept on clamoring for an encore

Singer Rain's agent 'J.Tune Camp expressed on the 20th, saying as, "When Rain finished his performance at the Dresden Music Festival, Germany, the crowd kept on clamoring for an encore."

Last 19th, Rain performed with German cellist 'Jan Vogler' at Semperope (opera house) under the title of 'The Dresden Music Festival : Rain & Vogler - Asian pop meets European classic'

During the phone call with Yonhap news, an official from his agent said, "The audiences stamped their feet in their own chairs when Rain's performance ended. Since they didn't leave their seats even though an announcement saying that his performance was over, was being made 5 times, Rain came to perform two songs as encores."

And, Vogler was quoted as saying, "It's unusual that the hall has been bursting with people from the first floor to the fourth floor."

According to J.Tune Camp, Rain showed off splendid performances including 'It's Raining' song, etc, starting with Rainism on this day. Rain performed 'The Way to Avoid the Sun' and 'Love Song' to the accompaniment of cello Vogler played. Vogler took over the opening & the climax portions of the two songs.

Rain was surprised by his European fans' enthusiastic reactions. The official from J.Tune Camp expressed, "When Rain was introduced through a video clip before the performance, the roar of the crowd rose from the hall." and "He was surrounded by the local fans when he was out of the concert hall, and then arriving at the hotel, he was astonished to learn more than 100 young fans had been waiting for him."

Rain who has recently been on tour promoting his Asian concert "The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour" will perform in Singapore upcoming 22nd.

Source: Yonhap News
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