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[Mnet Wide Ent News] Rain in New York for TIME100 Gala Party + Self camera


-Aired on 2 May-


Rain picked as one of this year's 100 most influential people in the world by U.S. weekly magazine 'Time'.
We want you to meet our proud Rain.

Rain: Hi, everyone. This is Rain. The time is a little after 6:00 pm..

I'll be leaving for New York because I've been picked as one of this year's 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, that's because of you.
I'm honored to be selected as one of the final list.

Rain has ranked first on the 2011 Time online poll, beating out the world's celebrities and then been included in the top 100 most influential people in the world twice since 2006.

Rain left the country through Incheon International Airport last 24th to attend the Time 100 party in New York.
Hundreds of reporters and his fans came to see him off at the airport.

Rain: I'm so happy and honored to be picked twice as one of the final list.

Rain was saying hello to a child passing by, looking surprisingly relaxed, He entered into the departure gate as many people saw him off.

Rain: This is the first time for me to use a self camera on a flight.

Q: Any idea about what kind of voting you could rank top on?

Rain: Of course, being chosen as the sexiest person in the world is better than being chosen as the most influential one in the world.
In fact, it's of no avail to be chosen as the most influential one in the world.

Q: Who do you want to meet the most among the chosen 100 people?

Rain: First I want to meet U.S. President 'Barack Obama'.
That way, I want to take a picture together with him and then hang the picture on a wall in my living room.

Q: What do you usually do on a flight?

Rain: I gorge to the bursting-point or to the death.

Rain: I think my face has turned red.

Rain: This is reporter 'Jung Ji Hoon' in Manhattan, New York.
It's already 9:46am.
Since I only slept for two hours last night, my fatigue has accumulated and my face has broken out in pimple at this age, 30.

Rain: Anyway, today I'm trying to search for some idea that can be helpful in making my next album.

Rain: I think I have good looks in especial today of all days.
(It does appear to be an ego trip for Rain)

Rain: I'm going to go now with my face which is all swollen up in order to search for some idea.

Rain is in Times Square in New York.

Rain: It's been so long since I took a rest last time, but in a true sense, this can't be a rest. Of course I've come here to do my work though.

Rain: I'm really glad to be here again after all these years.
This reminds me of my past happy days. To promote Ninja Assassin, I was visiting many cities in this country the year before last.
Anyway, I'm so happy and am having a wonderful time.

Rain: It's a big day for me. I'm going to the Time 100 gala party.
It makes me feel good and excited to meet the world's celebrities.

Rain: This is the second time since 2006 I've been chosen as one of the Time 100 final list. Yes, and I must say I never expected to be. It's a great honor, that's because of all of my fans.

Finally, Rain arrived at the red carpet event held in front of the Time Warner Building.

As he appeared and walked on the red carpet, fans cheered by screaming his name and countless cameras flashed, and they could realize his popularity.

Rain: Even if I've been here twice, I'm so nervous by the thought of meeting the people of eminence and distinction.

All the celebrities in the event had name bands on their wrists to be granted a special entry in the party.

Zillions of reporters from all over the world gathered at the red capet and competed to cover the event, calling his name.

Rain taking an escalator to attend the party.

Rain: I'll be back soon, bye~

Rain in rage with the world's celebrities such as Lay Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Sting and so on. Rain is the real global star.

Rain: I think I had a good experience.

Rain: My second goal is to sing on the stage of the Time 100 gala party (after the first : being selected as one of the final list)

Rain: It's time to turn, but I don't go back to the hotel.
I'm going for a meal.. I feel better already to know that I'm gonna be eat soon.

Last April 28, Rain returned with glory amidst hearty cheers.

Rain: I'm so happy, and it's a great honor. I had a great time, meeting many celebrities at the party. That's because of all of my fans. Thank you.

Source: you유@DC
Video credit: scorpiolabi1@youtube.com
English translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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