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[Full HQ] Rain interview @Thailand TV3 Ruang Lao Chao Nee

Q: You (Rain) are so tall that he (MC 1) wants to see who is taller, so please stand abreast with him.

Q: For the first time in four years, you've come here, Any impressions?

Rain: I feel great and am very glad to meet many of my fans.

Q: You've acted in hollywood. What are the pros and cons of being an Asian actor in the Hollywood?

Rain: Now that Asian popular cultures are almost all of the same status as Western ones, I think it's great that Asian stars are acting in hollywood.

Q: Are you satisfied with what you act in hollywood?

Rain: Ninja Assassin starring me was released last year, which has probably made me win a MTV award, and Time magazine honor me by choosing me as one of the 100 most influential people in the world this year.

Q: Thai fans almost go into shock whenever they see your six pack during your performance. What do you think of this?

Rain: I used to feel uncomfortable developing muscles by physical exercises, but now I'm glad they like it, so I also like it that way.

Q: How do you feel when your fans go hysterical by jumping and screaming your name at your concerts?

Rain: I feel great. I feel surge of energy whenever I see my screaming fans during my performance.

Q: Why don't you urge this person to build up the six pack by exercising?

Rain: The purpose of the exercise is to stay healthy, not to look good.
I think he has to maintain his health.

Q: Can you show your body slightly?

Q: What is the first thing that pops to your mind when you think of Thailand?

Rain: The words "pureness and passion" first come to my mind.

Q: We've heard the concept of your concert is based on protecting the environment.

Rain: The aim of this concert is to have fun with each other and at the same time awaken an interest in and understanding of the environmental issues.
I hope this concert can be of some help to protect the environment.

Q: That plant will be distributed to each audience at your concert.
If each of them makes that plant flourish on the supposition it was a gift from you, that is, - is that so?

Rain: We can protect the environment in our everyday doings. I think you can learn things about protecting the environment even while having fun at my concert.

Q: I think it's difficult for your fans to dance because of the plant at your concert.

Rain: They should probably put their own plants on the ground and dance since it's dangerous.

Q: Is there anything special planned for your fans at this concert?

Rain: In addition to the usual laser effects, it does have some delicate aspects relatively, compared to something masculine during my world tour concert last time.

Q: How nice your skin is!

Rain: Probably because I work up a sweat.

Rain: I think you both have good skins.

Q: This person is saying he likes sports, too.

Q: That person feels good because he was praised by you.

Q: It has been raining since you arrived in Thailand.

Rain: The unusual thing is that the day actually almost happened to be rainy wherever I went to put on concerts or promote something.

Q: Hope you will produce rain in Thai drought areas if you have another chance to visit Thailand.

Rain: I'm determined to do it.

Q: What would you like to say for your fans before your concert?

Rain: I hope you are always healthy and happy.
My concert will be held tomorrow, I've made many things ready for you.
Please give me your interest and support.

Source: Rain Thailand
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English translation by rain

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