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[Fan Acct] Try to find Rain on 7 May 2011

7 May 2011

Today I plan that i will find the way to give Birthday Gift to Rain and some Thai desert for rain’s team at hotel. I know that i can’t meet Rain or other i just will give it at hotel lobby counter and ask them help bring it to Rain.

about 16.30 hr.

I arrived Dusit-thani hotel (hotel that Rain stay). I walked out from car park in to the ground floor of Hotel.

I plan that go to sit at coffee shop in lobby area. I walk fast via sandwich shop and saw 3 women were taking cakes pic, i smile a little and though they absolutely were not Thai. I still walk strange to lobby…

My sis call me “Angie .. is that Rain dancers? ” I turn back my face to look at him . Oh…it’s really Rain’s Surprise !!..that ‘s my favorite dancers both..they are Park KyeongYeol (long hair dancer) & Song JaeHong (long beard dancer) (3 women are Rain team too).

My sis told me that give dessert to them and ask them to give the gift for rain, but that time every stuff is not in good pack and card for rain is not write finish, so I told my sis “Don’t call them it’s their private time, drop it at lobby and ask help from hotel stuff it’s better”.

I was decide eat something at this shop and look at them . They are in t-shirt and short pants, look chill. I guess may be they will go out to shopping. after that about 5 minutes they gone.

18.00 hr.

Every stuff is let’s go to lobby.. I twit told Rain, PKY, SJH about gift that i will drop at lobby.

I went to hotel lobby at dropping stuffs counter..

Oh … I saw 2 Hermes bags it write note on bag “Rain”…That’s gift from Fan to Rain … OMG that’s Hermes !!

Hotel staff ask the name … I said for Mr.Park Kyeongyeol & Rain. He took the gifts from me and give little card to me.

I asked him ..What is this?

He answered ..Bring this card to me when you will receive your bags..O_o’..

No… that is not mine … give its to Rain .. I said

A N D…

Hotel staff said….

We didn’t allow you drop anything to Rain. Even we allow but..Rain will not receive anything…..even Rain receive it but he will not take it to his country..

It’s the sentences made me SADDDDDDDD….

I try to ask for PKY bag…

staff asked me back Who’s s PKY ??

He’s Rain dancer…I said

staff answer me .. Who’s know him ?

OMG .. is his the words from 5 stars hotel staff???

just told me that not allow … i will understand..

My sis try to tell him that is dessert staff still not allow

So I said Thank you..

And now i get… The Hermes Bags is belong to Rain … wowwww

I told my sis “Sis … go to Impact (Concert Place) Rain at there SURE !!! He must practice the show…If we lucky may be we can give the gift to him by ourselves but if we can’t it’s OK ’cause we try the best..

I twit again ..oh I saw twit of PKY that he at Impact Arena. haha..

I laugh and told my sis Let’s go…^^

18.30 hr.

I arrived IA ,, and i decided to cheer Rain only.. i will not give anything for Rain and teams. Because I know we can get close Rain.

I walked around IA area looking for cloud O_o”..where are Clouds

I walked till end of Stadium..

I saw some people ..oh i found cloud , saw 3 white van ummm Rain’s team van…Where is the black van of Rain ?

I heard some noise of music and voice of Rain…from inside of Hall Oh…feel better now..

time pass about 1 hour some Cloud go back (Thai people … why do they back..Rain’s inside..why don’t waiting for him till practice finish)

time pass about 30 min

I talk with kind guard…

He told me that ” you can’t find Rain ,, believe me because his van park in the Hall … When he arrive van drove in the hall and drop him when he back is the same.

I asked guard .. And you…do u see rain or not when he come?

Guard smile and laught .. “nobody can see Rain…”but about 21.30 hr he finish practice.

OMG Why the organizer do it over??

Now I understand clear why clouds go back. because I’m go back too haha

It still have 5 Korean people at there..

OK.. I understand you are super star . it's normal that the organizer company is safe you first….See you on stage tomorrow I will cheer you all of my heart…Rain

However i still love you forever.


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