Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain's post on Twitter at the Time 100 gala party

29rain Ji hoon jung
헥 ㅠ ㅜ 오타가. 죄송...
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Oops, ㅠㅜ I've made a typo..Sorry.

**(This word, '감사합니다' (thank you), is spelled wrong. He writes it as '갑사합니다' by mistake)**

29rain Ji hoon jung
5년만에 와보는 그자리...참 느낌이 말로 표현할수가 없네영! 그때는 처음이자 마지막일줄 알았는데 다시 오게되다니!나중에 몇년뒤에 또 올수있을까영 ?어쨌든 여러분갑사합니다 지금 스튜디오 안에 들어갑니다 ..
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It would be hard to describe my feelings as I'm here for the first time in 5 years!
I thought that would be my first and last year at the party, but I can't believe that I've come back here!
Could I come back here a few years later? Anyway, thank all of you,,
I'm going right in the studio..

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