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Rain in an interview with KBS 9 O'clock News - TIME 100 The Most Influential People in the World

- Aired on 23 April 2011 -


Rain is the world star both in name and reality no matter what they say.
Rain has been chosen as one of the World's Most Influential People by Time magazine, and this is the second time since 2006 he has been chosen as one of the listed 100 people. Upcoming 26th, he'll walk on the red carpet at its celebration where many celebrities from all over the world are present, including U.S. President Barack Obama, Prince William of the U.K. whose fiancee, Kate Middleton and so on.

Singer Rain whose cool dancing and great music have mesmerized millions of his fans all around the world.

He brought a sensation called the Korean Wave even to the USA, holding a solo concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, the heart of the US cultural arts, in February, 2006.

He has successfully completed his transformation from a singer even into a hollywood actor, delivering a charismatic performance with the look of the well muscled body in movie Ninja Assassin starring him.

This year, U.S. magazine called The Time has chosen Rain like this as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. This is the second time since 2006 he has been chosen as one of the listed 100 people.

Rain: I'd like to express my appreciation to my fans.
I never thought that such a thing would happen, but I'm so happy that I've been listed among the 100 people. It's a great honor.

Rain plans to join the army late this year after his movie 'Red Muffler' about the lives and love and adventure of Air Force pilots wraps.

Rain: I am really looking forward to challenging myself more than before after leaving the army. And I think I could feel a lot during my military service.

Rain is scheduled to walk on the red carpet at the Time's official party upcoming 26th with 99 celebrities from all over the world.
He expresses his thoughts with firm confidence to strive for his dreams until the day when he shall win an Academy award or Grammy award, not wanting to be complacent.

Rain: As an actor or a singer, my goal is to win an award at a very famous awards ceremony in the USA as the representative for Korea in a few years.

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