Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naked Rain Caught – In Sepang F1

Caught RAIN naked without makeup! He was the man for the concert after the F1 race in Sepang International Circuit yesterday.

As I was told to capture some photos at the grid lines, RAIN suddenly popped out from the corporate suite and with his iPhone4 to took the video, he blocked my view, my shots.

Rain@Sepang F1 (1)

Knowing it was rain, I followed him across the street to another grandstand where there is lesser crowd. He sat there for a while. He left the place at 5pm, along with his crew and bodyguards.

He looked pale, doesn't he?
Rain@Sepang F1 (2)

I think he saw me? What look look?
Rain@Sepang F1 (3)

Finally, when he left the place I saw him holding a Tiger Beer. Can I say that he is the Tiger Beer ambassador? Or is it the only beer he drinks? ehm...
Rain@Sepang F1

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