Monday, April 25, 2011

[Fan Acct] Rain in New York City Airport on 25 April 2011

I and other 2 NY Cloud arrived airport at 6:20pm. Rain's flight was estimated at 7:51pm (40 minutes before scheduled time). We all prepared gifts for him, mainly food gifts..haha. I bought him some mandarin. Also, we planned to show him the Time 100 magazines and would like to have his autograph if timing was right. We kept chatting and guessed if more Cloud would be here waiting for Rain. (Later, we found out probably due to bad weather, heavy traffic in the highway). Time flied, his plane was landed...on the ground...arrived...finally...yeah!

I was so nervous because I haven't seen him since Love Zepp Tour, almost one year. I have decided to stay more at front row and made sure to welcome at first. Suddenly, his camera man was shown. We knew Rain would be the next soon. OK...our prince was landed on the ground officially. He still wore sunglasses. He put on his black jacket, no head phones, he wore his MCM backpack. Luckily, I was on the first row, he walked towards my way, then I approached to him and said 'Hello, welcome' then gave him my gift bag. Rain took it and said "Hello, thank you". He kept walking forward the exit (very very fast). His camera man didn't tape anything probably because it's crowded and not many fans.

We, 3 Cloud, followed Rain toward his car. We cross the road after him. It was raining heavily at that time. When Rain opened the door and jumped into the car. The other 2 Cloud said "" His assistant took their gifts and passed to Rain. Then, door closed.

At that time, I spoke with his "English teacher" (haha...later, I found out that he's not his English teacher...). I asked him how the flight was, then introduction... handshake... aid this and that etc..."English teacher" (temporaily used this nickname). He is very friendly though. While I was talking to English teacher, suddenly, Rain rolled down the window all the way, then waved to 3 of us. He said "Thank you" with lovely smile. His eyes became one line because he smiled. I forgot what we said. But, we definitely waved him back with smiles (big smile though). Then, he rolled up the window again.

I continued our conversation with "English teacher". Suddenly, Rain rolled half down the window (we didn't see his eyes). He talked to "English teacher". Then, rolled up the window again. When the car started the engine, ready to leave, Rain rolled down the window again, and said and waved to us "Goodbye". We, all, waved him back and said "good bye, see you Tuesday". He definitely had wonderful mood and we are good Cloud of course, we turned off the camera, and just kept chatting with "English teacher". I guess Rain was curious why not talking to him instead... Thus, he rolled down the window twice...cute

Anyway, his car left and we went parking to pick up my car. It's great welcome mission. Although there are only 3 Cloud, it is harmony, like friends... I feel so warm. Hope Ji Hoon feels the same.

- by Cuckoo@rain-usa

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