Monday, April 25, 2011

[Fan Acct] Greeting & Seeing Rain At JFK Airport, New York on 25 April

I'm writing this fan account on behalf of a Rain fan based on the details she told me. My own good friend and "625endlessrain" member Jeslyn216 was at JFK tonight to greet Rain!! Hardly any fans were there except her and 2 other friends. It was raining but just slightly. When Rain appeared from the terminal, it was quite a mad dash because he was walking very quickly. He had sunglasses on, the same MCM backpack, black pants and what seemed to be a black jacket that he wore over his shirt. Jeslyn and the other 2 girls walked quickly behind him trying to keep up with the pace and followed him to his awaiting car.

Someone was already there to open the door for him, so he went right in. Jeslyn went up to the guy at the car door and said, "Gift! Gift!", indicating that she had a gift to hand over to Rain. So before the guy closed the door, he took Jeslyn's gift as well as the other girl's gift, and put them onto the seat beside Rain (Rain had gone all the way into the car to the other passenger side). They peaked in and could catch a dark glimpse of Rain. They waved at him, and in turn he bowed his head and said 'thank you'. The girls said in unison "congratulations" to him and said that they'll see him on Tuesday. He continued to bow and say 'thank you' and waved to them before the door was finally closed. However, the car didn't leave right away. So as they stood there waiting, Jeslyn and the other girls chatted up a conversation with one of JYPE's representative there. He's the same guy that accompanied Rain throughout his time here in the US during his Ninja Assassin promotion, and speaks very good English. Jeslyn said they were all having such a good conversation with him, he even asked their names and he explained to them who all he was etc.

As they chatted away, Rain unexpected rolled down the window of the car, and said to the girls once again 'thank you', like as if he was trying to get their attention! ^ ^ Jeslyn thinks that perhaps he had gone through the gifts, or the fact that he was more comfortable or 'secure' when he saw that they were standing there with their cameras already tucked away. Anyway, this got the girls SO excited again. Needless to say, Jeslyn doesn’t remember much of what else they said or he said, but he thanked them and waved and smiled at them. She said that she could see Rain's face and eyes very clearly as he had taken off his sunglasses at that point. His face looked refreshed and he seemed very happy. She said he looked so cute! As he partially rolled up the window, he spoke with his representative before rolling up the window completely. The girls sensed that he was about to leave, so they waved at his window (even though they couldn't see him through the tinted glass). Then an unexpected thing happened, he rolled down his window AGAIN–FOR THE SECOND TIME!! He waved once more and said thank you, smiling at the girls, before the car finally drove away. The girls left shortly after; feeling totally happy an definitely in Cloud 9!!!

Source & Credit: jeslyn216 / Written by

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