Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain's environmental concert hosted by the Chinese Communist Youth Party, was very successful


Korean singer Rain has been named as an honorary ambassador for a campaign to help prevent desertification arranged by The Chinese Communist Youth Party.

Rain ever appeared on stage to perform even at the closing ceremonies of both the Beijing and the Guangzhou Olympic Games last time.

In China's Beijing on the evening of last Saturday, the temperature was rising for Rain's concert amidst hearty cheers from millions of Chinese young people.

Starting in Beijing, Singer Rain who became an honorary ambassador last March 1st for a movement to help protect the environment by The Chinese Communist Youth Party that has a membership of over 80,000,000, kicked off a Chinese city concert tour, the motor of which is to help the environment, where CJ company has participated in this concert tour as an official sponsor.

One official from the Chinese Communist Youth Party that is leading the drive to keep the Yellow River clean and to prevent desertification all over China, said, "We are so glad Rain has made it at the right time when we've started taking care of the environment. And we believe that many young people from both Korea and China will share the need to protect the environment due to the vibrant image of youth Rain has, that is, so to speak, a morning dew.

As an honorary ambassador for the movement, Rain also performed a campaign song 'Treasure' which embraces the importance of a clean environment during this concert.

The event where Korean people has been chosen as the first honorary ambassador among foreigners, is expected to serve more to solidify the relationship and to expand on cultural interchange between the two countries.

Source: MBC TV
Brief translation by rain

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