Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain returns to Singapore for "THE BEST" Asia Tour Concert!

Kpop Icon Rain – who wouldn't know who he is? From drama to music, the man does it all. America to Japan to Korea and the rest of Asia, Rain's presence has indeed rained over the world.

Previously, Rain had his much-talked-about "Rain's Coming" World Tour in Singapore back in 2007. It was pretty phenomenal, as it was the biggest concert ever by a Korean artist back then and who would expect less than the phenomenal price of $488 for a concert ticket?

Of course, we definitely hope it's of a more affordable price this time he comes back. Rain has not forgotten us a little red dot and we're included in the tour list! Here's our translation from his Twitter earlier on:

"Finally it'll start from Saturday...!!! New Asia Tour ""THE BEST" Asia Tour Concert" starts from Beijing, Macau, Thailand, SINGAPORE, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. Please look forward to the new laser shows! ^^" – Credits to (x)clusive


There are currently no other details but (x)clusive will bring them to you as it comes! Prepare your umbrellas, Clouds (Rain's fans)!

Ashes: OMG!!! Is Rain really coming to Singapore?!?!? I'm so excited!!! Uber happy to see this news!!! ;) Calling out to Ems!!! You see this??? Keke...


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