Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Fan Acct] I went to Incheon Airport to welcome Rain today

-Posted on March 27th, 2011-

I just had free time today, so I went to Incheon Airport and saw Rain entering the country.

He was greeted by me three years after he was welcomed by me at the airport in 2008..^^

I knew that he would return home today, but I hesitated what to do because I didn't know exactly when he would do. However, I arrived on time.

When I was waiting for him at the arrival gates by the news that he would arrive about at 2:50pm, he appeared, being seen wearing a hat which was the same one he had worn when he had left for Beijing, white jean pants, and a blue T shirt, carrying a MCM back bag.

I seemed to enjoy getting an eyeful of his back view and hips because I'm too short while following him, while he was walking slowly over to where his car was.

I wanted the lights to be changed from red to green a little later, but the red light had already changed to green and he went directly to the car.

Just for continuing to watch him, I thought it was really great, but he even got out of his car and was willing to sign autographs for his fans and held out his hand and greeted them.

I was able to look at his eyes because he took off his sunglasses, while he was shaking hands with me.

I just felt on top of the world, but my mind was racing and I had no way of calming my nerves.

I didn't ask him for his autograph because I've cherished many of his autographs. His car left and I happily came back home.

And please understand, I've rambled on and on in my account.

Hope you to always be healthy, and happy..

Source: 레인우비@benamoo
English translation by rain

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