Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rain receives special training as a fighter pilot at Air Force Academy

Rain who is set to enter the military late this year, is known to have received special training as a fighter pilot at an air base.

According to officials on the 12th, Rain received basic trainings, including hands-on G Force training, to fly combat planes as a fighter pilot, at Air Force Academy located in Cheongwon city in Chungcheongbuk-do, and at an air base in Daegu, last February and early this month, respectively.

He has begun to build up his body in earnest before starting shooting 'Red Muffler' in the middle of this month, which is the first 'Top Gun'-style film in Korea. In addition to Rain, actor 'Yu Joon Sahng', 'Kim Sung Soo', and 'Lee Jong Seok' participated in this drill.

One of the officials said, "It was a serious undertaking for any novice trainee, but Rain attained the highest grade in the training courses, probably because he works out regularly. The others, on the other hand, did not do awfully well, possibly because of the age-related loss of physical function."

Source: Star News
Brief translation by rain

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