Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud] Is every Japanese Cloud fan ok?

Hi, this is 7th Cloud membership executive board.

Is every Japanese Cloud fan ok after the earthquake in Japan?
We know Japanese people have a very hard time by the strong earthquake and powerful tsunami.

Countless news of this big accident have been reported all day long even in Korea since yesterday afternoon.
We think that everyone all over the world is probably concerned over the accident.

While seeing the special report on the accident, we can easily figure out how they feel a pang of fear when the earthquake hit.

We find ourselves at a loss for words of consolation, but we hope that further damage will be avoided, the people are all right and will return to their normal lives after recovering from the quake as quickly as possible.

We Cloud eagerly pray for the people.
Please try to keep up your spirit.

* Every Cloud fan ~ Encourage them by your comments !! *

English translation by rain

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